Thursday, June 16, 2011

Red Flags for Evangelism

The other day I ran across a blog posting on, written by Michael Sebastian. Though not having anything to do with evangelism per se, Michaels thoughts are very instructive for our evangelistic efforts. We must never give the wrong impression to anyone, especially in regards to our integrity. We must never come across as anything "less than honest."

Sebastian says that there are four "catch phrases" that people often use to "underline" a point that actually do far more damage than good. These "catch phrases" actually send the signal that the person saying them is not to be be trusted.

When sharing the gospel our words must be "seasoned with salt" so as to focus totally on Christ and His Word alone. Let's avoid using these four "catch phrases" when we share the gospel:

1) "Let's be clear."
2) "To be perfectly honest."
3) "Frankly."
4. "Just between you and me."

When people use these phrases, this is what people HEAR:

1) "Often times, I am NOT clear!"
2) "Often times, I'm NOT perfectly honest."
3) "Often times when I speak I am NOT frank."
4) "Often I say different things to different people based upon the circumstances."

Sharing the gospel is literally a LIFE AND DEATH message! Let's not jepordize a soul by being careless in our conversation for "...knowing the terror of the Lord we persuade men!" (II Corinthians 5:11)
- Russ McCullough - Distrubuted Through JTC Media