Monday, November 4, 2013

Press Release from Russ McCullough

Carolina Author Announces “Emerging Church” Book Release

Charlotte, NC, November 4, 2013:  The ground breaking theological/investigative work, EMERGING TOWARDS APOSTASY, is now published through Trafford Publishing ® and is available at:
Additional outlets will soon follow.

This work serves as a first of its kind handbook on changes driving the massive theological departures within surrendering churches of Christ regarding salvation, worship & leadership.

ETA explores how the allegories of Origen, the imagination of Thomas Aquinas and the “evolutionary truth” of Brian McLaren are driving deconstructive change within the Lord’s church.  These “deconstructions” have come about primarily by an embrace of post-modern/existential philosophy, so-called “evangelicalism” and an elevation of patristical writings to near Scripture status by those obsessed by change.  Classes, lectures and presentations are available from the author. -END-